Blood: Alone In The Dark 1

Released in 2006 year, this map was planned as demo for updated version of The Way of All Flesh: Again addon, but because too big difference 
in gameplay it was in fact start of new addon series.
You will see radically new gameplay that actually can be called now 
"BAITD's" or "Adventure" style. You start in house and need to find way to kill monsters (note: they immortal, so you need escape 
from them) and finish the map.
Main theme is magic rituals (do you remember that secret room in original AITD with pentagram, huh?) so it's need find books and part of items to combine them with each other on altar. Once you learn it, you can survive and kill some (and even all 
monsters). It's possible to create various pickups, for example "book of invisibility" and "tome" will get you invisibility.
Experiments with various gameplay on different difficulty starts from this map; try to play Extra Crispy or Well done to get different tasks.
Later, in 2007 year was released update to 1.5 version with new rooms, pickups and graphics. In Final Alone In The Dark this map have no
remastering because the map too old and doesn't really need it, but you able to play both 1.0 and 1.5 versions. Don't blame author for hard difficulty or "not so good" level-design as it was one of he first maps.

Item combinations

Find next items and combine them on altar to get bonuses. They will be combine atomatically.
NOTE: Not all items/bonuses available in 1.0 version!
 Voodoo Book + Voodoo Book: Tome 2 + Voodoo Head = Voodoo Doll.
 Book Of Invisibility + Tome  = Invisibility.
 Eye + Skull + Stick + Life Leech Book + Trapped Soul = Life Leech.
 6 Tomes = Does mortal immortal monsters (except for Beast).
 2 Tomes = Death Mask (Invulnerability).

Other pickups

These pickups will be useful too if you find them.
Sword: This item is required to open secret with Crystal Ball.
Kill Book: Allows you kill Beast.
Gas Mask: Will need you in some very secret place. You might die without this.
Crystal Ball: Detector of secrets; will show you messages when you are close to secret like this:
! - Secret is far.
!! - Secret is close.
!!! - Secret in this sector. Knightly Book: For destruction of walking knight. Sign: Before you start rituals, you really need find this. Or you dead.