New Alone In The Dark

It took almost 1.5 year to create this addon. For a long time we've been thinking of how to preserve the atmosphere of game loved by all of us, but at the same time to extend the existing limits, bring up new gameplay and experience.
This time BAITD gone far beyond standart map macking and gone show to you Blood is not useless even without source code opened.
Since beginning BAITD was aimed at expanding gameplay, it can't be limited by common gameplay borders. This is new BAITD. Don't compare it to the previous versions and, more importantly, to other people's addons.

New weapons

NAITD is first addon that used new weapons based on QAV animation. This means you will see not only new sprites of weapons, but also changed characteristics like dispersion,fire rate, new ammo consumption. It feels game very diffirent with various weapons. Currently 8 new weapons are available. Combine them with each other.


NAITD got even more freedom: feel free to explore locations and finish game as you wish. 5 diffirent endings and a lot ways to finish each map. This remastered version have big update, it's strongly recommended to play on each difficulty: gameplay will change.

New boss

New terrible and intelligent boss dont let you relax. You will need be tactical to beat him down.

Level design

Every map has its unique gloomy style. You'll feel the mysterious atmosphere of abandoned places. Music, the surroundings, the story - all of this would keep you on the edge of the seat till the end. A lot of time was spent working on details. You'll find yourself in a new world which lives on its own and waits for you to explore it. You'll see ghosts. Encounter the unknown. Hear the darkness breathing with horror. All the levels are connected with each other as much as possible and will help you to learn the complicated story of NAITD.


 - Search for useful items in book shelves.
 - Explore map(s). You might find same keys in diffirent places.
 - All boxes breakable. Break them to get items/ammo.
 - Play on each difficulty.
 - Save game often.


 - Current version(s) uses CD audio instead in-map music.


 NoOne aka Diman: Game Design, Level Design.
 Final22: Introduction map.
 LifeKILLED: Ghost Of Family Killer map.
 Bloody Mess: Programming, Additional modelling.

Some spoilers (scroll more to see)

 - It's possible to get Fire Key in three places. From beast in ritual room, Lara Croft in execution room and Shial in abandoned corridor.
 - To find jump bots, go to dance hall and find "Red book" item. Go to library then and search for empty place in books (left side from you). Put this book there and secret with bots will be opened.
 - The "Record" items let you listen music. More you find, more you can listen, but not all records is safe. If you want meet phantasms (on each difficulty) DO NOT go anywhere from room where you listen song by performer "Sobaki Tabaka".
 - You might meet Lara Croft in chains. She can give you various items: If you kick with pitch forks her, it will red potion, if you shock her with switch - tesla gun, if you explode her - fire key and if you burn her, she will give you Life Leech. Nice bonuses, huh? Do not shoot from vector weapons! She will die very soon.
 - To meet Beast, shoot in red cultist figure when door to ritual room just start opens. Dont let him teleport!
 - If you not kill the boss, you will never get out from this haunted house and game will over. Its one of endings.
 - It's possible to open teleport window from ritual room to dance hall with two ways: kill beast or go to hall and push two knight statues. Be carefully with explosions - these two very fragile.
 - Easy boss kill: First, you need to get jump bots from house. In dungeon, before boss room it will be place with lava. Jump up to cracked ceiling to find secret with spiders. There will be item called "Strange coin". Put this item around heart of boss and he will die. Dont die before you meet that lava place; there is no more places to get jump bots.
 - How to get in Ghost of Family Killer level: When leave house, jump in pool and run switch 3 times to open doors from left side.