PLU ID listing

Palette LookUp table.

While a PAL file contains the actual color data, a PLU does not.
It only rearranges the indexes of the palette file, rewiring it so to speak.

A PLU file has 64 x 256 bytes of data, 64 equals the amount of shades.
ID 14 is the maximum so It is not possible to extend this list with new ones.


Palette name filename ID
Normal NORMAL 0
Saturate SATURATE 1
Beast BEAST 2
Tommy TOMMY 3
Spider3 SPIDER3 4
Gray GRAY 5
Grayish GRAYISH 6
Spider1 SPIDER1 7
Spider2 SPIDER2 8
Flame FLAME 9
Cold COLD 10
P1 P1 11
P2 P2 12
P3 P3 13
P4 P4 14


If you wish to replace a PLU you can not simply rely on the ID with a custom filename.
The engine checks the filename so PLU files need to be replaced under the same name.


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