Proper transparent sprites

It's best to use large images to convert because they are easier to work with.
Images used in Blood are usually at least half as bright as the originals.
If images are converted too bright they will look out of place in the game,
if they are too dark they will also generate some unwanted effects so compare
the overall brightness with an existing Blood tile of the same color range.
You may also want to compare the overall sharpness and contrast of the image
to get even better results.


1. Crop the image:


2: Adjust Brightness, usually -50 will do perfectly:


3. Load Blood palette:


4. Select index 255:


...and fill up the background:


...and cut away the shadow as well:


5. Change color depth back to 24 bit and resize, 64x64 would be perfect in this case:


6. Change color depth back to 256 colors:

As you can see, a near perfect transparency!
because there wasn't a lot of purple in the original picture.

This is how it looks like in the game:

The sprite was scaled down to have a more realistic size though.
Perhaps 32x32 would have been more suitable but you get the idea.

Have a nice day!



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