What not to do in Mapedit

Drawing a new sector around an existing one
The inner sector will disappear as soon as you enter the outer one.

Moving a sector out of place
Never move a sector outside the (parent) sector it was created in.

Superimposing vertexes of 2 different sectors
Never put a vertex of one sector on top of another sector.

Turning a sector 'inside-out'
For example: do not swap the north-western vertex with the south-eastern
one or the player will end up in null-space when walking into it, or worse.

Deleting a sector by dragging all vertexes on top of eachother
Deleting red sectors in this way can give very bad results.
Deleting a white sector in null-space will crash the editor.

Creating a line that exceeds 32000 units
Textures will look stretched and it is impossible to insert a new vertex.
Furthermore, the player will run with high velocity when rubbing the wall
with the possiblilty of ending up outside the map (null-space).

Do not run Mapedit full screen (DOSBox)
Unless the resolution has an aspect ratio of 1.6, so 320x200 or 640x400 etc.
Otherwise you must use DOSBox in windowed mode. If you ignore this,
your maps may look perfect on your screen but perhaps not on other people's.

Don't let a sprite overlap 2 walls (node) or it will be cut in half when viewing just 1 wall.
Also, avoid putting sprites on floors as actors walking on top will appear under/behind them.

Watch the following videos to see some in action: Video 1 / Video 2


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