How to start a user map

Most maps come together with a BAT and INI file to install and run the map.
If you have a map without these files, then you might want to download INI Solo+

Or, if you have more than 1 map and you want to create an episode out of it INI MINI 1.0+

When in the Blood folder (in DOSBox), you can also type:


Where YOURMAP is the actual name of the map's filename (extension not needed)
This takes you straight into the game with a default medium difficulty setting.

If you want to be able to select a difficulty level before starting the map then you need
an INI file as well. You can create your own but it's much easier to just grab one of the
INI Mini apps as mentioned above like most fairly sensible people would do.

And the easiest way by far to start such a BAT file is to drag it onto
the DOSBox shortcut lcon (which is placed on your desktop for example).


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