Blood: Alone In The Dark 2

Even if there is only one map, you might think this map is full addon. When map was released in 2008 year it was contain lots of new experiments in gameplay and new content i try descript below.
There available 3 versions of same map. They pretty diffirent in gameplay and contain diffirent monsters, start positions, bonuses etc... Even diffirent alternative ways.


Available in FAITD. These versions updated and remastered.
 Alone In The Dark 2 RBC - Released in Russian Blood Community forums.
 Alone In The Dark 2 TF - Version for Transfusion forums.
 Alone In The Dark 2 PM - Postmortem forums version.
Not included. Get them at
 Alone In The Dark 2 BFD - Released for
 Alone In The Dark 2 BPF - Special version for Bloody Pulp Fiction.


 - It was first addon that use new high-quality voxel models.
 - Atmospheric soundtrack.
 - All boxes are breakable. Big ones with explosion, small - with vector weapons. Break them to get items.
 - Fully replayable on various difficulty levels (see more below).

Experimental monsters

For example, when you play on 3-rd difficulty level, you might see sleeping hound under chained box. He might wake up soon, but you can shoot from gun to chain and smash one to death. So not all corpses are safe.
Instead of immortal monsters from BAITD1, there are few hardened. It may take much try to kill them or maybe not. It's pure randomly and depends from your speed of shooting.

Magic rituals

As in previous part, magic rituals available too but they become even better. First, you need to find five items (3 ritual candles, ritual book and ritual heart). Once do it, you can start rituals.
Since in BAITD2 are two pentagrams it's need to move items from one to another. To drop items on pentagram, push [open] key around, to get them back, push [open] key again. Please note: you will NOT available to do rituals on any pentagram if ritual items already dropped.
To get bonuses from rituals, you will need to find more books.

Difficulty levels

One of features in this map is that player start positions is depend from selected difficulty. In some versions it's needed to find diffirent items/keys. For example, in Transfusion version you will need find spider key only if you select 3-d difficulty level. If you play "still kicking" - exit will be free and map let you explore more, but if you play 3-4 difficulty you will start in diffirent places with diffirent keys and even quests etc...
It's strongly recommended to re-play all versions on each difficulty and explore the map to find diffirence and enjoy gameplay.


- Some items does not pickup automatically. To get them, press [open] button around.
- Some versions have an alternative ways to finish the map.
- In some versions on 5-th difficulty you need to find all secrets. Be carefully, because it's possible lost one and will not able finshing the map.
- Remember: Boxes are breakable.
- Current version(s) uses CD audio instead in-map music.