Blood: Final Alone In The Dark (update 1)

BAITD returns to say "goodbye"! This final compilation of BAITD series let you play (almost) all parts of mod. BAITD is pure experimental mod that show to users new ways to mod the game and dedicated to original Alone In The Dark game series.
Since 2006 year author(s) trying to expand gameplay and push the limits of Build Engine. It was first mod with new voxel models, weapons, non-linearity and monster experiments.

The Games:

  Alone In The Dark 1.x
  Alone In The Dark 2.x
  New Alone In The Dark
  Alone In The Dark 3 (canceled, demo only)

System requirments

 - To play FAITD it's Blood 1.10 with Plasma Pack at least required (1.21 recommended).
 - To work with files like install weapons, palettes and models its required BARF tool. You may find it in official blood tools distributive or in FAITD\3RD directory. Dont forget to put BARF in Blood directory (not in FAITD). By default it copies automatically at first run, but if it not happens, please copy it manually.
 - Strongly recommended to use DosBox and it's SVN builds. Read DosBox Recommendations section for info. 

Update 1

  + Added BMOUSE support. Any game in this compilation will auto detect BMOUSE.EXE in Blood's directory and if it's presented then launch through it. If you don't want to play with BMOUSE, just rename BMOUSE.EXE to something else.
  + Added FAITD's audio CD manager. You available to control audio cd mounting in options menu. 
  * Fixed incorrect "Red Book" pickup item name in New Alone In The Dark.
  + Added new 3 new weapons to "Weapons" menu.
  + Added new variation of Life Leech in weapons menu.
  * Fixed: When jumping too much, player can see end of sprite. Now this should'nt disturb players. Maybe only if jumping really too much, fast and high every time :).
  * Most of weapons have been reworked for upcoming Weapon Mod 2.0. The author glad to message you: upcoming WM2.0 will compatible with every addon ever created for Blood, include those who use custom art in TILES015.ART like Cryptic Passage, BPF etc...
  * Volume of FAITD's audio was slighty reduced.


You free to install any weapon by selecting from menu. They based on QAV animation and this means you will see not only new sprites, but also changed characteristics.  Currently 12 weapons are available. Do not try to install weapons from any version of Weapon Mod. If you want update weapons in FAITD, download special version (if exist).
   1. Retail sawed-off with hands and new reload animation.
   2. "Holy death" akimbo, speedy sawed-offs.
   3. Silver Pitchforks.
   4 Life Leech (type 2).
   5. Revolver from Power Slave.
   6. Sawed-off from Blood Alpha
   7. Napalm Launcher from Blood Alpha
   8. Beast claws from Blood Alpha
   9. Dynamite from Blood Alpha
   10. Aerosol from Blood Alpha
   11. Riot Gun from Shadow Warrior
   12. Life Leech (type 1).

Palettes and additional models

Current release includes four palettes (Pale,Cold,Warm and Gritty) that replace original Blood's. You can install them from Options->Palettes menu. There you also find additional voxel models. They replace original item/weapon/ammo models. Please note: it may require re-install new weapons for correct models displaying if you have already installed.

DosBox recommendations

 - If you are using DosBox to play FAITD, please increase amout of memory to at least 42MB.
 - Recommended to set CPU cycles to MAX in your DosBox configuration file.
 - This mod uses own sountrack CD image instead of putting music directly in map. CD image will mount automatically for each time you start play FAITD and unmount when you stop, but if you already have mounted image (for example - Blood CD) it may not recognize what exactly tracks to play. As result you might get dead silence or start playing original Blood's songs. Just unmount any other CD images when you play FAITD.
 - Strongly recommended to get DosBox SVN build somewhere if you want CD audio work correctly. In original DosBox CD audio volume is not adjustable and plays once, until you restart/load game again. 

Misc info

 - If you messed up with weapons/sounds/models etc, you may reset all files to FAITD's defaults. Go to "Options" menu and select "Reset files". It will ask you to continue (press Y).
 - If you want set default current weapons, models and palettes, go to "Options" menu and select "Set default". 
 - You may use -ini switch to run launcher with specifyed INI file.
 - To extract files from BPK file, use -x switch. (Example: launch -x RES.BPK).
 - To extract FAITD maps, use BARF with switch -x (Example: barf faitd\faitd.rff -x).

Internet: - Place of all BAITD series. - BME's web place. Video tutorials and tools that make Blood better. - Blood repository that contains new maps, weapons and other cool stuff to mod and play Blood. - Russian Blood Community (and hoster of all above sites).


 ICQ: 817982
 SteamID: blackest_level